TJ Lennon Properties

Why Rent From Us?

TJ Lennon Properties in Muncie, IN, is a small, “mom and pop” rental business catering to Ball State University students. We want you to make our property your “home away from home” while you finish your college years.

We do all maintenance on our properties, ensuring each is kept in top-notch condition. All appliances are new and energy efficient. We are local and can be reached at any time in case an emergency arises.

Our properties range from one to six bedroom houses and apartments. All are upscale and rents are affordable. We constantly upgrade and refresh our houses. 

We are members of the University Area Landlord Association. We have been catering to college student tenants for over 25 years.

                                              765-744-0185 (cell/text)      765-747-1170 (Land Line)