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                     TJ Lennon Properties - (20 houses) - Great Houses !   Local Landlords!  Always available!  24/7
            Four (4)  houses left for 2018/2019  Two or three blocks from Arena/Indoor Golf - 1.) 2117 N. Ball (5 bdrm 2 full bath with large living/kitchen area, laundry. House,  just 12 years old. 2) 1805 N. Ball (4 or 5 bedroom great deck on front/patio and off street parking in back, a stones throw from Worthen and shuttle. 3) 2201 N. Ball - 2 or 3 berm all amenities including basement with laundry. 4) 616 W. Queen St., east of campus, a block from Riverside, 616 W. Queen St. (3 bedroom - great house with high ceilings and full basement. Our 20 houses are on N. Ball, N. Glenwood, W. Queen, W.Main, S. Hutchinson, W. Ashland, W. Rex  All of these will be available next May or August of 2019 and you can sign now! Our lease is individual & several. If a room - mate does not pay, he or she is "only" person liable for loss. Twenty houses with only four left for 18/19 school year. 765-744-0185 [email protected]
                                                   (link to HOUSES at top of page, for description of each of our homes)
 Rents per tenant - $275 to $365 - North side houses are across from Arena, tennis, indoor golf,  and volleyball courts and a short walk or drive to restaurant row via Oakwood (bike lane and route to jobs) and only 3 to 5 minute walk to campus, 2 minutes to shuttle!  West Rex and Neely run right thru campus and houses located in 1st or 2nd block from university, Ashland house closest to BSU village and nightlife, Queen St., off of Riverside. We are local - no gimmicks. Just great extras and great landlords!  We manage our own properties and cater to students. It is all we do and we care about you!!
                                            TJ Lennon Properties call anytime - 765-744-0185 (Tom's cell) 765-747-1170 (home office)
                     YOUNG AND RETIRED   College educated and sons are college grads too!
       Click "houses"on top of page for link to 8 remaining 2018/2019 houses (see asterisk on houses left to rent for next year.   Full descriptions!  Many of these great properties not even seen yet!   We have 19 houses and 8 left for 18/19. One mansion - with just 5 apartments!
    It will cost 1/3 to 1/2 for our off campus houses 12 months - as dorm living for 9 months!  Plus our houses have great amenities and you can walk to campus and park at home. LINK on HOUSES above.     We are a phone call away.  Our home office is 7 minutes to the farthest property. 
                                                                We are here for you!
                                       TJ Lennon Properties  are always  close to campus!                     

Begin planning your off-campus housing for May or August of the 2018-19 school year. Rent a small cozy house or spacious large one. Our ideal rental properties are only minutes from Ball State University and very affordable. It costs half the price to live off campus with us  for 12 months than on campus for nine months. Plus, our properties are more inviting than living on-campus in dormitories. You’ll never want to leave! 765-744-018 We're close and want you to be happy! Read tenant/parent testimonies................. on the right and below.

To whom it may concern,

I have been a tenant of the May’s for 3 years and I can honestly say it has been a great experience. Throughout my time, Tom has helped my roommates and I in more ways than one. One of these ways is the assistance in household maintenance. In these times of need, Tom has come the day of the call or the day after. One example of this is when I could not get into my room one evening and accidentally broke the window trying to get in. I called Tom the next morning and he came right over and replaced that window. He also replaced the broken lock in my door. Additionally, Tom has replaced light bulbs and helped us with basic maintenance.

Tom has also updated utilities in our house such as a new TV, a new dishwasher, and added a deep freezer. Because of this, we have been able to have a more comfortable lifestyle. These items were out of the pocket and generosity of the May’s and all of these things were done without us asking. Additionally, the May’s have been understanding and caring about our situations in life. They are interested and willing to help when it is needed.

As a result of our experiences with the May’s as our landlords, my roommates and I have promoted future tenants for the May’s. This is because we hope for others to have the same positive experiences as we did with their living experiences here in Muncie.


Jamie Bills

Tom and Barbara:  Can't believe this is K's last rent check.  Have to admit I was very nervous about her moving off campus with 6 girls in the beginning.  I want to tell you what a good experience it was for her living in your property.  I appreciate that you always took good care of the house and they had a safe place to stay.  Would recommend anyone to rent from you.  Thanks for watching over the girls for the last three years.   

Donna Imfeld

Barbara:  Here is my final rent check for the month of July 2300 Ball.  Thanks so much for letting us rent from you for two years in a row.  I have recommended you to a few others as well.  Thanks again!  



Your Home Away From Home

If you already live in one of our houses-sign your 18/19 lease as early as possible, and avoid the stress of finding something else and we will do all we can to keep your campus home a place you want to return to. Also your deposit carries over to the next year.

                                                               .We want you safe and happy!

                         "TJ Lennon Properties Your Home away from Home"