TJ Lennon Properties

                           Our 2 to 6 bedroom houses are 1 to 3 mini-blocks from campus! 
                    2 Great HOUSES LEFT FOR AUGUST/ 2017 on Ball Street!  Also a One                                   bedroom Cottage Style  house on S. Huchinson with garage  less than 2 blocks from  
                Student Center , GREAT FOR COUPLE  OR  JUST  ONE PERSON  CALL/TXT  TOM                         -  765-744-0185  OR  BARBARA - 765-747-1170                                                                                                           DO NOT FORGET TO LEAVE NAME AND NUMBER!
                      HOUSES TO SIGN FOR 2018  LOCATED on W. Ashland, N. Ball, N. Glenwood, N. Hollywood, W. Neely, W. Rex, W. Queen, W.Main, S. Hutchinson  All of these will                       be available next May or August of 2018 - you can sign now!
                                     (link to HOUSES at top of page, for description of each of our homes)
 Rents per tenant - $275 to $350 - North side houses are closest to Arena, gym,pool,new women's and men's indoor volleyball
 courts and a short walk or drive to restaurant row via Oakwood (bike lane and route to jobs)  West Rex and Neely run right thru campus and houses located in 1st or 2nd block from university, Ashland house closest to BSU village and nightlife. We are local - no gimmicks. Just great extras and great landlords!  We manage our own properties and cater to students. Tom & Barbara Lennon-May. (765) 747-1170
       Click on top of page for link to 2018/2019 Ball State off campus homes., full descriptions, Signing for "next year" will begin as early July, 2017 and throughout 2018/19.  It will cost 1/2 for our off campus houses 12 months - as dorm living for 9 months!  Plus our houses have great amenities and you can walk to campus and park at your home. LINK on HOUSES above.     We are a phone call away d our home office is 10 minutes o the farthest property. We are here for you!
                                                TJ Lennon Properties  are always  close to campus!                     

Begin planning your off-campus housing for May or August of the 2018-19 school year. Rent a small cozy house or spacious large one. Even a few apartments are available from TJ Lennon Properties in Muncie, left for August-2017. Our ideal rental properties are only minutes / from Ball State University and very affordable. It costs half the price to live off campus with us  for 12 months than on campus for nine months. Plus, our properties are more inviting than living on-campus in dormitories. You’ll never want to leave! 765-744-0185

               We're close and want you to be happy!


Your Home Away From Home

If you already live in one of our houses-sign your 18/19 lease as early as possible, and avoid the stress of finding something else and we will do all we can to keep your campus home a place you want to return to. Also your deposit carries over to the next year.

                                                               .We want you safe and happy!

                         "TJ Lennon Properties Your Home away from Home"